Sustainable Agriculture Land Conservation

Program Summary The Sustainable Agricultural Lands Conservation (SALC) program supports the protection and management of California's agricultural lands. The SALC program will prevent increases in greenhouse gases (GHGs) through land conservation and permanent protection of farm and ranch lands, and provide funding to create conservation plans and strategies. It will also help limit sprawling, auto-dependent forms of development in favor of more focused, compact, and transit oriented development within discrete growth boundaries. Additionally, the SALC program will support farm-scale conservation management practices that further promote reductions in GHGs and increase soil carbon sequestration.
Administering Agency Agency
First funding year 2015
Investment Area Transportation and Sustainable Communities
Eligible Projects This program funds the protection of agricultural and ranch lands as well as land conservation plans. Efforts that reduce GHGs through on-site best practices, conservation management, and carbon sequestration will also be eligible for funding moving forward.