Healthy Trees, Healthy Kids! 2.0

Funding Area Natural Resources and Waste Diversion
Program Urban and Community Forestry
Grant amount $329,711
Awarded to Canopy
Year 2015
Location East Palo Alto
Project duration/lifetime 40
Project summary Green Trees for the Golden State: To plant 500 trees in disadvantaged communities, and provide other community benefits.
Project details

The project will plant trees in disadvantaged communities to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, reduce stormwater runoff, and provide numerous other community benefits. The awardee projects economic benefits of $2.67 million in energy, air quality, storm runoff, and beautification over the lifetime of the project, as well as other public health and community benefits.

GHG reduction (projected) 1,888 metric tons
Benefits to disadvantaged community The project is located in a disadvantaged community.

Project Map

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