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About the Map

The Climate Benefits for California map is a searchable online map that shows how California's climate program is improving people's lives. We created this tool to show the benefits of investing in innovative, integrated solutions to climate change – and what's at stake if we don't.

You can use this map to:

  • Browse for individual projects funded by the California Climate Investments Program
  • Search for projects by place, program, year, and whether or not a project provides benefits to defined disadvantaged communities
  • Generate printable reports to share with community leaders, elected officials, and organizations
  • To take a tour and learn more about how to use this website, go to the home page footer and click the "Take a Tour" link

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About California's Climate Program

Through California's climate program, billions of dollars are flowing to projects that reduce greenhouse gas emissions (GHGs) while making California's communities more sustainable, healthy, and fair.

The funds are generated through a mechanism called cap-and-trade, which requires polluters to pay for the carbon they put into the air. These funds go to the California Climate Investment Program (formerly the Greenhouse Gas Reduction Fund, or GGRF) to be invested in projects and programs that further reduce climate pollution. Read more about how the funding works here.

The benefits of these investments include both enormous environmental benefits — including tons of GHGs reduced, energy savings, and cleaner air to breathe and water to drink — as well as community benefits, such as better mobility, more affordable places to live, and new economic opportunities.

What's more, California has dedicated a significant portion of this funding to lifting up disadvantaged communities, areas identified by the state as having disproportionately borne the burden of pollution, racism, and disinvestment. This commitment provides a model for climate protection that is rooted in justice and considers improving quality of life as a primary strategy for success.

About the data

Data sources

  • The data included for each program and project reflects the most complete available information provided by the administering state agencies. In some cases, full data may be delayed by up to six months following the announcement of project awards. Click here to see the most current status of data for all programs.
  • The quantitative data included in the map is taken directly from project applications and verified by the state. Neither TransForm nor its partners performed any calculations related to program or project GHG emissions and/or other benefits.

Searches based on geography

  • The geographical location of projects has been mapped using the most precise information available from the state. Beginning in 2016, applicants for awards will have to provide more detailed information on project location.
  • For projects that are fully contained within a place such as a legislative district or county, the total award amount, GHG reductions, and community benefits will be included in results from searches filtered by that place.
  • For projects that span multiple places (regions, counties, and/or legislative districts), no attempt has been made to quantify or divide the GHG or community benefits among these areas. You can use "Advanced Search" to choose whether to display all projects that intersect with the selected place, even if the project's area extends beyond the boundaries of the search; or to limit your search results to projects that are fully within the place.

For further information

Download more information about our data methods, sources, and definitions (PDF).

About Us

Climate Benefits for California is a project of TransForm, and was brought to life with the support of many partners.

About TransForm

We believe that in California, you can't get ahead if you can't get around. We create solutions that give people more transportation choices, combat our global climate crisis, and make our state a more affordable, connected,sustainable place to call home. We are a non-profit organization based in Oakland, with offices in Sacramento and San Jose.

For our latest research and reports, visit our website.

Sign up for updates about Climate Benefits for California or contact Ryan Wiggins, TransForm's Climate Policy Manager, if you have questions or want to get involved.

About our partners

The map and website were created by GreenInfo Network, a non-profit mapping and data firm that creates, analyzes, visualizes, and communicates information in the public interest.

Thank you to the organizations who helped TransForm gather the data, information, and stories that bring the map to life:

  • California Bicycle Coalition
  • California Climate and Agriculture Network
  • California Housing Partnership Corporation
  • California ReLeaf
  • Californians Against Waste
  • Housing CA
  • Move LA
  • The Greenlining Institute
  • The Nature Conservancy

We are grateful for the generous support of our funders who make this project possible: